Warning: I am not a superhero

I’d like to begin this post by thanking the dozens of people who have reached out to me to offer their support and positive comments over the past couple of months. It really means a lot to me. Sometimes a well placed note or pat on the back can make a real difference.

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive network of people. Sincerely, I thank each and every one of you.

Two days ago I was contacted by the CBC Radio’s St. John’s Morning Show to do an interview regarding this blog, as well as a study that was released regarding obesity rates in Eastern Canada.

I agreed to do the interview, in fact I was more than happy to. Mainly because it was important to me to stand up and own this journey. The morning show provided me the opportunity to do that. It also doesn’t hurt that it may drive more people to the blog (insert slimy ad man laugh here).

The freedom that comes from owning your shortcomings is something I can’t quite express in words. It fills me with such light, such bright white light, that it spills through my body and into the world around me. It would be the equivalent of somebody saying to Sisyphus, “it’s ok buddy, you don’t need to push that rock up that hill anymore.”

That is perhaps a good analogy. Sisyphus was once the king of a place called Ephyra, nowadays it’s Corinth. He was incredibly deceitful. Lying left, right, and centre. One day, he was caught lying and his punishment was to spend eternity rolling a large stone up a hill. Once he reached the top of the hill, however, the stone would then roll back down the other side. Poor Sisyphus was to spend eternity performing this action.

When you think about the lying that you do as an addict. Be it food, drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc. The amount of dishonesty involved is staggering. And the result of that deceit is shame. Shame and guilt. And you then carry those two around with you wherever you go. Until the day you stand tall and take ownership of your life. And then, then you can drop the proverbial stone and walk away.

That’s what I felt I was doing on the radio yesterday morning. Afterwards, I received calls from various news outlets asking me to do interviews with them. I declined them all. Partially because I’m quite busy, but also for another reason.

I’m not done.

I’ve only just begun. All of the attention is wonderful. Really, it is. It’s called Narcissist’s Revenge for a reason. However, I never want to become complacent. And, I’m not doing this for notoriety. I’m doing it for me.

So, this blog is where I put it all out there. Not the airwaves. Right here.

I’m not a superhero, nor am I an expert. I’m just a guy trying to change. I’m not the first, nor will I be the last.

I’m just lucky that I have the mindset, support, and ability to do it.

Unlike poor Sisyphus, who is no doubt still out there rockin’ and rollin’.


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