On the road again

The more you know…

Sorry for the prolonged break. I was hard at work with work.

Funny that.

I’m happy to say that a personal trainer has been found and hired. Myself and Caitlin (the lady friend) are going to descend on this poor woman as a team. God help her. She’s happy as a clam — the trainer. Which is good.

In other news — I’ve located the m-dash shortcut on my keyboard. Not to mention learned its proper usage — miracles never cease.

After the flurry of emails and phone calls from media outlets attempting to get me on to talk about my journey here, I decided to lay low a little. Let the dust settle and really focus on a few things.

I’m doing some long awaited renovations to the house… rather, I should say, I’m completing them. I think it’s a good sign. The house had been torn to pieces for about a year and a half, possibly more. I don’t think it a coincidence that as I am becoming stronger and healthier on the inside that it is now being reflected in other areas.

 Books, Covers, Etc.

Last week I went to a relatively new healthy “clean eating” establishment. To be honest, I was slightly skeptical beforehand, however, I put all that skepticism aside and went for it.

Now, I create advertising for a living. So, I understand that it’s important to differentiate yourself inside a sea of sameness. But, and not to be critical (actually, yes, to be critical), if you’re going to position yourself as clean and healthy, you should really follow through with it.

First of all, you walk into the door, and on the left-hand-side you have a pizza joint, and on the right you have this “unnamed restaurant.” So, as you enter the place all you can smell is pizza. Which, in and of itself, is pretty funny.

As you walk in, automatically you can get the sense that it’s marketed to two groups — the bodybuilders and the gluten-free crowd. I don’t blame them for taking aim at the gluten-free crowd, I mean that’s just a license to print money (not making light of people with actual gluten problems, just the others). The first dish that caught my eye was gluten-free macaroni and cheese — A totally clean living kind of dish. I mean you could eat loads of that stuff and live a healthy life, right? No. You cannot.

Just by the hierarchy of information you can tell what was important to them. Gluten free, then body builders, and then weight loss.

I can tell you I felt pretty damn uncomfortable inside of the place. It’s bright. The walls are covered in words and phrases that don’t really mean anything. Words and phrases like: peanut butter burst and ingestion. As if somebody is going to read the word ingestion and be motivated to do anything but run across the hall and grab a slice. Even the golden rule is plastered on the back corner, not really sure why. Also, almost everyone was wearing sweatpants.

Probably it was my own lack of comfort, or perhaps it was the voice in the back of my mind that screamed “money grab, money grab.” Who knows?

The food, I might add, wasn’t great. We ordered Chicken Teriyaki. I have no idea when the chicken was cooked. I hoped that day, but I couldn’t be sure. It was felt very — and this is going to sound harsh, but it felt very false.

It felt like somebody had an idea to make money. Not at all what the press indicated. There was no love of the ingredients or the preparation. It wasn’t inspiring.

“Health tastes like this? Ah, no b’y. I’m out.”

The idea of a clean eating restaurant is such a wonderful concept. But it should service everyone in an equal and inclusive way.

Perhaps I’m just being an idealist. Maybe it was an off night? Who knows? But the vibe I got wasn’t the greatest.

On a positive note: I left thinking that I could easily make better food than what I had paid for. So I guess, in a way, it was sort of inspiring.

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