You are what you eat

As of late I’ve been taking steps to try and improve my nutrition.

Or at the very least gain some knowledge on the subject.

You see, I knew nothing about nutrition when I started this whole thing. Not a blip. Nada.

You could have told me it was ok to eat batteries and I would have probably said, “yeah, cool, I can see that. Batteries are like filled with iron and shit.”

I mean I’m no dummy, but when it came to food I came at it with the intellect of a kid in a candy store.

10 years ago I lost a hundred pounds.

And do you know how I did it?

I did it by eating bacon, eggs, chicken, and salad. Caesar Salad.

That was my nourishment for six months. I never once wavered from that. Oh, wait, no I did. I gorged on “Atkins” bars to the tune of about four or five a day.

I thought that was how people lost weight. In my brain I believed that once you lost the weight you just went back to the way things were. Burgers, and fries, and milkshakes.

Looking back at it now, it’s so hard to imagine that I could ever be that uninformed.

But I was.

And that’s hard for people to admit. It’s tough to stand out there and say, “b’ys, I don’t have a friggin’ clue about what any of this means. What the fuck is a glycemic index anyway? And what odds if it’s high or low.”

And for some reason when I began this little trip I’m on, researching nutrition was always put on the back-burner. When in fact, it’s one of the most important components — along with the mental and physical aspects of it.

People say, food is just fuel.

But to me, food is more than that. It’s a memory, a taste — a smell that can light up your senses and transport you back in time. And it should be enjoyed.

Now, some food is just nonsense.

Take Pizza Hut’s new pizza stuffed with not only cheese, but bacon as well.

“Just in case you couldn’t have enough cheese and bacon on top of this massive pizza, we’ve gone ahead and injected a shitload of it inside the crust. So enjoy!”

Nitro? Anyone?

I’ve given up on the notion that we should cut ourselves off from things. Now, that being said, I do have boundaries when it comes to what I put into my body.

Take bread, for example. There’s a plethora of information that suggests bread is the devil.

And, I agree, some bread isn’t great for you. White bread in particular is perhaps not the healthiest choice. But that being said, there is a load of vitamin B in wheat, and if you’re going to all of a sudden stop eating it, where the hell are you going to find that source of vitamin B — outside of paying some ridiculous amount of money for a supplement.

Some folks have gluten issues, and I totally get that, you folks can’t eat bread. For that, I’m sorry. Because it’s awesome. Bread is awesome.

But, I digress.

Recently I met with a dietician to discuss my food choices. I’m lacking protein. Which wasn’t a big shock. Caitlin has been telling me that for months.

But do I listen? No.

The dietician really helped me understand how food works inside of you. She untangled the confusing web of scientific studies, and opinions, and banter that exist inside the old compooter box.

And I learned that I need to eat foods that will keep my glycemic index level.

Because a level glycemic index, is a happy glycemic index.

Chew on that Dr. Atkins… oh… right…. my condolences.

PS… if you want to check out my dietician’s website, here’s the link:

10 thoughts on “You are what you eat

  1. Your journey towards a life change, which includes weight loss, is being observed and cheered on by many, including myself. Each day I struggle with YOUR feelings! Trek on Dave… step at a time.

  2. Hi Dave,
    The last entry really spoke to me, again. It was/is my experience too.
    It is so automatic, I never really think about it, it just kind of happens and like you, I too am a master wall builder.
    The experience with professional help did a lot to de-mystify the process so a big thank you there.

    The idea that you keep coming back to about the process of losing weight as a life change, not a diet is spot on as far as I can see. That is the way I have to see it and it is not easy.
    The ” kid in a candy store” is a ongoing issue, even when the kid has a ” screaming hairy cat fit” and people are giving you ” odd looks”.

    Please keep up the outstanding work!

    I am sick to death of “diet experts” who have never had a weight loss issue and down-play the effort, mental and physical, involved.

    This should be required reading for anyone going into this field of study because it is unfiltered reality.

    Have a super – fantastic kind of day!


  3. Love your blog and your latest piece on the CBC news website. Most people don’t have the courage to face their demons head on, in full public view the way you have. Bravo. I also appreciate the way you highlighted mental health problems, that often don’t receive the attention they deserve, as a root cause of unhealthy eating and obesity.

    I’m a physician with a special interest in nutrition and health. I think nutrition is the most power untapped tool in medicine today. As I’m sure you know, there is a world of contradictory bullshit out there on nutrition. I’m most interested in nutritional ideas supported by evidence in the scientific literature. I’m deeply skeptical of latest diet du jour and all the charlatans and their books. I would be happy to give you advice or answer any questions if you’re interested.

    Paul Mathers

  4. Hi Dave,
    I am glad you are blogging your journey. I also decided to change my life this year. I had let myself get overweight. Not an incredible amount but probably around 25 pounds or so. The main issue was the poor state in my fitness and the strain I could feel on my joints and mobility. I should preface this with my own battle with addiction and low self esteem. So… this spring I bought one of those running programs and started training. First a mile (felt like I was going to die). Then 5k. I decided to run the Fall Classic here in Fredericton and I placed 7th overall (quite a shock). That little voice in my head that has lived with me for years (that strangely sounds a lot like my abusive grandfather), well that voice shattered. With that realization, I can run, either to compete at a regionally competitive level or just for fun. Last night I ran 11k just for fun and found real enjoyment in it. That is new for me. And my weight? Last time I weighed myself, I was down 15 pounds.
    On the other hand, I have been changing my thinking since I sobered up 8 years ago. I really cannot believe the change in my peace of mind. That mental change has finally brought about the desired physical changes.
    So thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Dave,

    Your final installation on CBC today was a superb past blog point that cements key elements of your journey of change. The notion of your life style changes giving you strength on their own merit.
    I will now follow your blog and cheer you on. Cheering you on helps me as well as elements of your journey ripple into the day to day challenges we all face. Strength to you brother.

  6. Hi, Dave,

    I wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience with us. It’s good stuff you’re doing. I’ve been working through some similar challenges and your experience resonates with me. I thought I’d share Brene Brown with you: You might have heard of her already (her TedTalks has 17 M views). She’s pretty rad though, and touches on a number of themes that you do in your blog. Keep on, man.


    1. Thanks so much Caitlin. I took a break from blogging for a few weeks after the CBC thing finished. Just to focus on… well, maintaining focus. Thanks so much, I’ll look her up. Take care.

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