Health, Wellness, and Antibiotics

“’Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.”   Henry David Thereau

Seven and a half weeks

That’s the amount of time that I was impacted by an infection.

Fifty-two days.

It started in a tooth, and then crept North. And before I knew it, almost two months had passed.

Two months without the gym. Without barely any exercise whatsoever, apart from the odd walk.

There was hardly enough energy to get me out of bed and to the office.

I don’t moan about much these days. But man, it was tough.

It’s only been the past week and a half or so that I’ve begun to feel normal.

I knew that I couldn’t just jump back into a gym with my current trainer. Mainly because he’d probably kill me.

So, I began to dance again with the one that brought me.

I walked.

I walked to work, around work, and back home from work.

Every day — apart from Friday, because it was slippery and I hate falling.

But each day as I trotted to and fro I felt myself getting my breath back. My legs began to feel a bit more sure underneath me, and it struck me — even though I’ve been down, I’m never out. So long as I keep the path clear of clutter. Clutter that I happily provide through hours of unhealthy thought.

The entire time I was on my little “leave of absence” I was cognizant of my thinking. It’s a battle. Because inside of me there’s a huge fight going on. My brain wants to think “Jesus, you better get your ass in gear or you’ll be over 400 pounds in no time”. Or “wow, you’re going to regret ever sharing your story with people”.

These are thoughts that try and find their way to the surface.

But, here’s the thing — the body hears everything the mind is saying. So, the trick is, you’ve got to tell the mind to shut its pie hole, or focus it on healing.

After all, getting healthy isn’t just the body’s job.

Love yourself, no matter how many tissues line the side of your bed, or what colour that “stuff” is that your coughing up. You are you, and that’s pretty fuckin’ amazing.

Being sick has taught me more about health than I ever imagined possible.

As far as this blog goes: I’m back. Apologies for the unplanned outage.


13 thoughts on “Health, Wellness, and Antibiotics

  1. David, so glad you are back and it sounds like you didn’t stray too far from your purpose which is to Love David Sullivan. Good Job, it is working.

  2. You had me concerned there Dave.

    Nothing but a setback as your sweat in the past many, many months has built your foundation. Let your body heal and tune back into your rhythm gradually as Spring rolls in.

    Just think of the Spring that you started your journey (massive delta of self growth). The journey that “put that fire in your eyes” (cool hoodie blog photo). That fire is deep buddy.

  3. Hi Dave- we thank you for sharing! It sounds like you are doing exactly what you need to be doing! Good for you! We can decide the direction of the thoughts we have so you need to continue the work of getting rid of the negative stuff! It is spring and time for rejuvenation ! Take care.

  4. Hi Dave,

    imagine the view from the top of Signal Hill in the fresh Spring air. Signal Hill was a milestone for you that will always have that special draw.

    All the best to you this Spring and Summer. I always check your blog as it helps me personally a great deal. I’ll be back in touch in the Fall. Take care and thanks for your blog efforts. Oh ya almost forgot……………ROCK ON buddy!!!!



  5. Good to hear you are back on track. Wow. Fifty two days is no little hiatus, and longer than an interlude, almost one season of disruption. In that amount of time I could stare at the ceiling and count a lot of ceiling tile holes. I’ve known guys who had heart surgery and were back to work sooner than that. I have been following your blog for the past year with the intent being that I would find inspiration in it to get with my own program for weight reduction. Alas, I am inspired, but still procrastinating. But I am closer to the tipping point, or having some fulcrum issue weight the right side of the teeter-totter of intention. Your progress to date amazes me. I can well understand how 52 days of interrupted routine can wreak havoc on the best of plans. A guy doesn’t plan on these external forces throwing a stick in his spokes, but its good to know that the Black Swan is always circling and waiting to wreak some havoc on our minds and our bodies. As you said, the body-mind connexion is a real thing and illness finds us not thinking clearly, if we think at all and the gray days roll on. You have shown that persistence, even stubbornness is a valuable trait. Keep a strain on ‘er.

    Paul Hemingson

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