A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Lifting Yourself

This week was big. Really big.

Apart from getting a clean bill of health from my doctor, “you my friend are as fit as a fiddle. Although you may want to lose some weight”.

Yeah, I’m workin’ on that, doc.

He’s new, God love ‘em.

But, this week I began to start taking things back in a very real way.

For years I’ve lived under extreme anxiety — I still do, don’t get me wrong, I love getting freaked out by a crowd and sweating my head off, it’s my jam.

I’m talking about holding myself back. Preventing myself from feeling true happiness and realizing my own worth. And, I know, that sounds a little “Oprah-y”, and forgive me if it does, cause ain’t nobody got time for that. Believe me, I hate that pie in the sky bullshit as much as the next guy, but this is legit.

This week I decided that I was worth something. I’m a great person, with a kind heart, and I excel at whatever I put my mind to.

There are fixtures and forces in the world that would work against that. The greatest of which is myself.

While, this is certainly a one step forward/one step back kind of arrangement — because there will be pitfalls I can assure you — this week I had the wheel firmly in my hands. They were at ten and two with eyes forward scanning the horizon.

And in my head the entire time was this mantra:

I will not allow other people to determine my value.

I have a voice.

I will not be afraid to express myself.

I have power.

I will not be ashamed.

I have pride.

I will not cower.

I have courage

I will not settle.

I have a world at my feet.

I will live.







I will.

Because that is what I’m born to do.

I was not born to prevent myself from living.

I started this journey at roughly 435lbs.

This morning I made it my mission to replicate what I’ve been doing emotionally all week with my body.

This week I lifted myself in every way imaginable — and for a brief second felt the kiss of the sun, I saw myself not as a shadow hiding against a wall in plain sight, but as a man destined to be whatever he wants to be.

And wouldn’t you know it — it’s only Saturday. There’s a whole day left to come.

15 thoughts on “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Lifting Yourself

  1. Hats off to you for allowing yourself to love yourself! You are worth it. The longest march begins with the first step. Kodos to you and good luck on your journey!

  2. You couldn’t be more inspiring, and you couldn’t be more right..take heart, though it doesn’t sound as if you need to, it’s nice to see you up in spirits!
    You’ve done well, and being declared fit is a great thing..I am just a couple of weeks into my latest journey, and already i feel better..I will keep on cheering for you and for all of us..

  3. Truly happy for you, Dave. I am an avid follower. I LOVE your mantra. I have done that a few times. It took a few years, and a big hill to climb, but I made it. Be proud of your progress.

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